2009 GOGR Photos

Photos provided courtesy of Sarah Matheny and Glynda Kendall.

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The GOGR fans cheered the
return to the Hyatt Regency Hotel
in Greenville, SC.


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Making their first appearance at the
GOGR were The Diplomats from
Carrollton, GA.  The crowd loved em.

L-R: Jimmy Pearson, Rita Pearson,
Corey Pearson, Joe Brown, 
Michael Lott, Matt Dibler (not pictured)


img_1796.jpg (287777 bytes)
The Dixie Echoes' Pat Barker and the Dove Brothers' Rayburn Lane visit.
dsc02702.jpg (209679 bytes)
Jimmy Pearson was a recipient
of the GOGR Living Legend Award.
The other recipient this year was
Archie Watkins.
dsc02727.jpg (232717 bytes)
As always, The Dixie Echoes were
a fan favorite with their classic style
and excitement.

L-R: Wesley Smith, Randy Shelnut,
Scoot Shelnut, Pat Barker,
Stewart Varnado (not pictured)

img_1806.jpg (221474 bytes)
One of many Jam Session quartets
formed during the weekend.

L-R: John Rulapaugh, Jonathan
Sawrie, Matt Dibler, Joel Duncan,
Ellen Kennedy Marsh (not pictured)


img_1826.jpg (110032 bytes)
Scoot Shelnut, Jonathan Sawrie, and
Ellen Kennedy-Marsh enjoying the
img_1837.jpg (224237 bytes)
Miles Cooper sings "Sheltered In
the Arms of God".


img_1801.jpg (130911 bytes)
Randy Shelnut is all smiles!


img_1846.jpg (94048 bytes)
Southern Sound pianist Barry Patrick
exhibits one of his many talents
aside from his piano playing.
img_1852.jpg (107848 bytes)
Let's Make A Deal was extremely
well received this year.  Here
Alan Kendall (Melody Boys), Josh
Garner (Blackwoods), and Jonathan
Sawrie are racing with golf balls
between their knees to the finish line!
img_1857.jpg (210209 bytes)
Charlie and Liz choosing their next
victim...er- contestant.
img_1859.jpg (247644 bytes)
Sometimes pictures need little to 
no explanations.


img_1862.jpg (228598 bytes)
The object of this game was for the
teams to carry a balloon under their
chins and free-handedly exchange
with their partners....
img_1866.jpg (2700931 bytes)
Bill Hefner and Caleb Matheny
didn't necessarily follow the rules.
img_1876.jpg (280717 bytes)
In the game of "Dress the Quartet
Man", Tim Williams decorates fellow
Melody Boy Alan Kendall...
img_1879.jpg (254380 bytes)
Bill Shaw decorated Buddy Burton,
and Josh Garner decorated McCray


dsc02811.jpg (245802 bytes)
McCray Dove was the winner, but
the carnage effected McCray, Alan,
and Buddy equally.
img_1893.jpg (321720 bytes)
McCray earned the nickname
"Ernie Hitler" following "Let's Make A
img_1921.jpg (361730 bytes)
GOGR is a very tiring week, and it
wasn't long before Gerald Williams
was showing signs of strain.
img_1934.jpg (232229 bytes)
Former and current members of the
Florida Boys unite on stage to sing
many Florida Boys classics.

L-R: Tommy Atwood, Les Beasley,
Charlie Waller, Buddy Burton, 
Chip Cooper, not pictured are
Eddie Broome and Derrell Stewart.


img_1935.jpg (237808 bytes)
Derrell Stewart is always a crowd favorite at GOGR.
dsc02937.jpg (132924 bytes)
The Dixie Echoes put another big
ending on a quartet classic.
img_1953.jpg (1363016 bytes)
The Dove Brothers were in their usual
fine form as they sang several
songs from their latest CD,
"Hold On".

L-R: Jerry Martin, McCray Dove,
Eric Dove, David Hester, and
Jerry Kelso

img_1955.jpg (240032 bytes)
Willie Wynn was a special guest at
GOGR this year, and one of the 
highlights of the week was when
he joined the Dixie Echoes on
"Welcome Home My Child".


img_1957.jpg (223033 bytes)
Wesley Smith watches as Willie
proves that he's still got it.
img_1966.jpg (126150 bytes)
The Dixie Echoes singing their
crowd favorite "Little Is Much".
img_1967.jpg (1161097 bytes)
Chip "Hamill" Cooper renders the
Kingsmen classic "Love Lifted Me",
joined by Jerry Martin, Jonathan
Sawrie, and David Hester.
img_1971.jpg (272888 bytes)
The "Tenor Quartet" was another
highlight at the GOGR.

L-R: Jerry Martin, Tim Williams,
Mike Young, Eddie Broome, and
Wesley Smith


img_1973.jpg (100427 bytes)
Eddie Broome's master bass singing
wowed the audience.


img_1977.jpg (161502 bytes)
Special guest Jimmy "Duke" Dumas, former guitarist for JD Sumner & the
Stamps and the Happy Goodmans
made his first appearance at the
GOGR, and thrilled the audience
with his first-class pickin'.


img_2004.jpg (286020 bytes)
Caleb Matheny, Ellen Kennedy-Marsh,
and Buddy Burton singing
"Sweeter As the Days Go By".
img_2007.jpg (253484 bytes)
Hall of Famer Eddie Wallace has been
a regular at GOGR since 1988.


img_2013.jpg (206015 bytes)
Derrell Stewart shares a
thought with the audience.
img_2030.jpg (255001 bytes)
Buddy Burton, Caleb Matheny, and
Chip Cooper join Mike Young as he
sings "My God Is Real".
img_2034.jpg (346082 bytes)
Alan Kendall, Chip Cooper,
Alan Brewster, and Caleb Matheny
joined Willie Wynn as they sang
the Oak Ridge Boys classic,
"Jesus Is Coming Soon".
img_2036.jpg (271757 bytes)
Gerald Williams and Gayla Fooks
cheering on their favorites.


img_2042.jpg (121735 bytes)
Theres no telling what Eddie Wallace
and Buddy Burton are discussing
with each other.
dsc03010.jpg (184106 bytes)
The Trav'lers are always a favorite
at the GOGR.  A "quartet's quartet".
img_2066.jpg (318156 bytes)
One of the most talked-about groups
of the week was the current lineup of The Melody Boys Quartet.

L-R: Tim Williams, Alan Kendall,
Caleb Matheny, and Gerald Williams


dsc02961.jpg (150289 bytes)
85-year-old Bill Shaw thrills the
audience with "The Holy City".


dsc02967.jpg (183460 bytes)
Southern Sound sang the notes off
the page at GOGR this year!

L-R: Mike Young, Ben Harris, 
Trevor Haley, Alan Brewster, 
and Barry Patrick

dsc02998.jpg (169538 bytes)
Joyce Black-West sings a Speer
Family classic.
dsc03037.jpg (179850 bytes)
John Rulapaugh teams up with
Southern Sound to sing his signature
song, "Hide Thou Me".
dsc03071.jpg (136650 bytes)
The Inspirations returned once 
again to sing several of their hits.

L-R: Dallas Rogers, David Ragan,
Melton Campbell, Mike Holcomb,
Myron Cook and Martin Cook 
are not pictured.


dsc03122.jpg (249031 bytes)
The Chuck Wagon Gang singing
several gospel songs that have become American classics.

L-R: Stan Hill, Penny Green,
Julie Hudson, Joe Rotton,
and Dave Emery

img_2087.jpg (1023287 bytes)
The Melody Boys Quartet
singing the old quartet favorite
"You Sho Do Need Him Now".
img_2111.jpg (202192 bytes)
Buddy Burton as usual did a
marvelous job singing with the 
Florida Boys and serving as emcee
for the GOGR Jam Sessions
img_2114.jpg (199945 bytes)
Jaydon Rulapaugh proving
that GOGR is not just for
old folks!



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