GOGR 2010 Photos / Just for Fun

Photos provided courtesy of Sarah Matheny.

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Les Beasley enlightens Charlie Waller with an inspired word.


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Charlie ensures Derrell Stewart of his lasting influence on the Florida Boys tradition.


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Adam Forsythe needs coffee.


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Let's Make A Deal
The object of this game was for the players to align the plungers between their legs with rolls of toilet paper....also between players' legs...


img_3154.jpg (104591 bytes)

Let's Make A Deal
...just make assumptions for yourself how the game turned out.


img_3161.jpg (99389 bytes)

Let's Make A Deal
The object of this game was for the players (Josh Garner and Les Beasley) to maneuver ping-pong balls out of the boxes attached to their backs....


img_3162.jpg (142305 bytes)

Let's Make A Deal
Josh Garner played to win.....

img_3163.jpg (147246 bytes)

Let's Make A Deal

img_3175.jpg (174778 bytes)

Let's Make A Deal
Cannot explain this picture at all...


img_3184.jpg (147579 bytes)

Derrell Stewart is having trouble finding the nearest place that serves biscuits and gravy.


img_3188.jpg (212043 bytes)

"Get thee from here!"


img_3498.jpg (131614 bytes)

Adam still needs coffee...


img_3200.jpg (191163 bytes)

Let's Make A Deal
A blindfolded Frances Beasley couldn't tell who her husband was while shaving Eddie Wallace 3 years ago, and she couldn't tell that the man under this bag was her husband here either.


img_3197.jpg (86211 bytes)

Let's Make A Deal
Charlie leads Janet Burton to her beloved groom.  Bless her heart...

img_3476.jpg (144949 bytes)

Stewart Varnado thinking long and hard about.....something.


img_3280.jpg (277148 bytes)

Caleb Matheny visiting one of the locals n Downtown Greenville.


img_3534.jpg (123630 bytes)

Randy's breath must stink....


img_3631.jpg (262344 bytes)

We all have our cross to bear....

img_3720.jpg (219759 bytes)

....and in any quartet's case, it's usually the tenor singer.


img_3760.jpg (139559 bytes)

Adam never found his cup of coffee.



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