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Photos provided courtesy of Sarah Matheny and Glynda Kendall.

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86-year-old Bill Shaw joins the Dove Brothers and shows he's still got it on "He's All That I Need."

L-R: Bill Shaw, McCray Dove, Eric Dove, David Hester


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Willie Wynn joins The Florida Boys on "My God Is Real."

L-R: Eddie Broome, Willie Wynn, Charlie Waller, Buddy Burton, Chip Cooper

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After an absence of several years, Sue Dodge returned to the GOGR stage, much to the audience's delight.


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Derrell Stewart's classy piano touch and red socks in action.


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Host Group The Florida Boys perform old favorites.


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With some new personnel, Southern Sound proved that their blend and style was still as magnificent as ever.

L-R: Mike Young, Ben Harris, Adam Forsythe, Rick Fair, Barry Patrick


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With only 2 hours of rehearsal, Rick Fair did a wonderful job in his debut as Southern Sound's bass singer.


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Naomi & the Segos thrilling the audience with their heartfelt singing.

L-R: Ethan Brooks, Naomi Sego, Jerry Gill


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The Dixie Melody Boys showcasing one of their strongest quartets yet.

L-R: Jonathan Price, Donald Morris, Steven Cooper, Ed O'Neal


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The Southmen made their first appearance at GOGR this year.  These ol-timers were a load of fun!

L-R: Jim Hefner, Randy Lacy, Larry Beck, Buddy Poe, Eddie Crook, Johnny Washburn not pictured


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Jimmy & Rita Pearson of the Diplomats belting it out!


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Corey Pearson showcased great voice, bass guitar, piano, and drumming all weekend.


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Eddie Wallace is always a favorite with his humor and his musicianship.


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One of the many scrap-iron quartets of the weekend performing at the Jam Session.

L-R: Mike Young, Alan Kendall, Buddy Burton, Joel Duncan

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The Florida Boys were all flash on Friday night.

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The Melody Boys Quartet still have that smooth four-part harmony!

L-R: Tim Williams, Chris Walton, Caleb Matheny, Gerald Williams

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Current and Former Melody Boy lead singers, Chris Walton and Jonathan Sawrie.


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The highlight of the weekend belonged to the Original Dove Brothers, who reunited for the first time in almost a decade.

L-R: John Rulapaugh, McCray Dove, Eric Dove, Burman Porter, Richard Simmons not pictured

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The Original Dove Brothers received standing ovations with every song they performed.

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Putting the finishing touch on "Didn't It Rain".

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Another highlight was Archie Watkins and Smoky Mountain Reunion.  These old pros thrilled the audience with their unending hit list.

L-R: Troy Burns, Eddie Dietz, Archie Watkins, Marlin Shubert


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It's hard to imagine GOGR without the classic stylings of The Dixie Echoes.

L-R: Wesley Smith, Randy Shelnut, Scoot Shelnut, Trent Adams, Stewart Varnado


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Stewart Varnado attempts to outdo Trent Adams' bass singing abilities.  You have little to worry about Trent.


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The Original Dove Brothers at the Jam Session with a little help from former Melody Boy Alan Kendall.


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Adam Harman of the Dove Brothers proves why he is one of the best pianists on the road today.


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Always in demand at the Jam Sessions is this pickup quartet singing "Love Lifted Me" featuring Chip "Hamill" Cooper.

L-R: Chip Cooper, Jerry Martin, Jonathan Sawrie, David Hester, Buddy Burton

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Another Jam Session group singing "Just A Little Talk with Jesus."

L-R: Tim Williams, Alan Kendall, Scoot Shelnut, Joseph Brown, Corey Pearson on bass, Ellen Kennedy-Marsh at the piano

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Bob & Jeanne Johnson and Sue Dodge singing some Speer Family classics.


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Charlie and the Florida Boys sing back the memories with their version of "Suppertime."


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Piano-playing whiz and gospel music legend, Jack Clark.


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Ellen Kennedy-Marsh and Derrell Stewart jammin' away at the piano.


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Making their first appearance this year was longtime west coast favorite, The Songfellows.

L-R: Garry Sheppard, Bob Jones, Ed Hill, Butch Owens, Nick Bruno at the piano


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Jonathan Sawrie was a man of many hats at GOGR this year, serving as accompanist, singer, and emcee for the evening concerts.


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A very surprised Stewart Varnado accepts his induction into the Piano Roll of Honor.

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Typical Stewart pose.

img_3623.jpg (134712 bytes)

Stewart's hero, Derrell Stewart, emotionally and proudly congratulates Stewart upon his induction.


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Specially assembled for GOGR this year was the Good Ol' Gospel Quartet, which featured Phil Barker, Buddy Burton, Charlie Burke, Harold Gilley, and Jonathan Sawrie.


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Joyce Black-West, formerly of the Speer Family, has been a fixture at GOGR for years.


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Eddie Wallace adds some spirituality to the program as he plays the sacred classic, "Hold That Tiger".


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Longtime Blue Ridge Quartet pianist Kenny Gates at work.


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Although there are few legends left it seems, the pianists have seemed to endure the longest.  Earl Brewer is always a GOGR favorite.


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Phil Barker, Alan Kendall, and Chip Cooper sing "More About Jesus" at the afternoon Jam Session.


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It was good to again see Little David Young, who played piano solos and accompanied several groups all throughout the weekend.


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Josh Garner realizing a long-time dream of his, singing with Willie Wynn.


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Corey Pearson jamming late at night at the piano.


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Southern Sound singing several Statesmen favorites around the RCA microphones on Saturday night.


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Legendary pianist and producer Nick Bruno made his first-ever appearance at GOGR this year.


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Trent Adams, Buddy Burton, and Randy Shelnut back John Rulapaugh as he sings "Oh What A Savior" as only he can.


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Little Willie Wynn enlisted the help of Josh Garner, Buddy Burton, David Hester, and Nick Bruno to sing several of his popular songs on Saturday night.


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The Blackwood Brothers are amazing crowds everywhere these days with their throwback sound.


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Another one of the highlights this year was seeing 86-year-old artists Bill Shaw and Eddie Wallace on stage together, as they performed old favorites and shared stories.


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The Dixie Echoes singing another hand-clapping favorite.


img_3837.jpg (106496 bytes)

Ken Turner joined the Dixie Echoes to sing "How Big Is God".  Ken's emotion and the spirit of the song were still there!


img_3852.jpg (178790 bytes)

Willie Wynn dresses in drag and sings "Higher" with the Chuck Wagon Gang, as he did 50 years ago on the Oak Ridge hit, "Go Out to the Program". This was a hoot!


img_3853.jpg (117046 bytes)

The Dove Brothers and The Dove Brothers Band performing their current #1 hit, "Hold On".

L-R: Jerry Martin, McCray Dove, Marc Peele, Eric Dove, David Hester, Randy Shelnut on guitar, Adam Harman, Devin Dove not pictured


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David Hester always gets requests for "One More Miracle."


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New trio Freedom made one of their first major concert appearances at GOGR, and were a huge hit!

L-R: John Rulapaugh, Josh Garner, Joel Trimble


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Derrell Stewart and Burman Porter joined Freedom at the piano on "Canaanland Is Just In Sight".  And strangely enough, Stewart Varnado joined in on bass guitar and Jonathan Sawrie began accompanying on drums as well.


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Les Beasley and Willie Wynn join The Diplomats on the classic "Jesus Is Coming Soon".

L-R: Jimmy Pearson, Les Beasley, Matt Dibler, Corey Pearson, Willie Wynn, Joseph Brown


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Tommy Atwood shows he's still got it as he joins the Florida Boys on "My Heavenly Father Watches Over Me."


img_3961.jpg (120131 bytes)

The Tenor Quartet returned to the Jam Session this year.  Same tenor singers, same song (tenors learning a new song??), and same Pat Barker impression from Eddie Broome.  And once again, the crowd loved it!


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The Melody Boys sing "Give the World A Smile".....

img_3971.jpg (109050 bytes)

....and then totally change the order of the service with their performance of "Elvira"!




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