GOGR 2010 Photos / GOGR Families

Photos provided courtesy of Sarah Matheny and Regena Barber.

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Eddie and Genny Wallace


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Bob and Jeanne Johnson


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The Alabama Girls - 
Judy Traywick and Joy Childers

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Chris and Christy Walton


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Anzlee Adams enjoying her first GOGR.

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Anzlee with her proud parents,
Trent and Jessica Adams.


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Buddy and Janet Burton


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John and Jennifer Rulapaugh


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Joselyn Rulapaugh caught everybody's attention!


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Caleb and Sarah Matheny


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Jimmy and Rita Pearson


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The "GOGR Kids" -
David Dove, Kalea Dove, Jadyn Rulapaugh, Joselyn Rulapaugh, and Lauren Greene

img_3252.jpg (230455 bytes)

Anzlee Adams and Jadyn Rulapaugh enjoying playtime.


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Proud Papa McCray Dove plays piano as son David Dove shows off his bass guitar abilities.


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Alan and Savannah Kendall

img_3573.jpg (197798 bytes)

Father and Son,
 David and Mike Young

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Why can't we see this more often at gospel concerts?
Penny Greene and Jennifer Rulapaugh gather the Dove, Rulapaugh,
and Greene children for some good gospel music.


img_4004.jpg (211534 bytes)

Father and Son,
Miles Cooper and Miles Cooper Jr.


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