GOGR 2010 Photos / Various Shots

Photos provided courtesy of Sarah Matheny and Regena Barber.

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Charlie's Party celebrated 86 years of life for Bill Shaw, and the audience showed their love for him as never before.


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Liz Autry is all smiles as she enjoys Ellen Marsh's piano wizardry.


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Buddies John Crenshaw and Jonathan Sawrie visit at Charlie's Party.

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Charlie presents Les Beasley with his own specialized "Tha'Man" hat.


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Perfect fit Mr. Beasley!


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Chris Walton had the time of his life at his first GOGR.


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Willie Wynn was very busy this year.  He was always doing something, whether it was singing on stage, emceeing the evening concerts, visiting with fans, or taking pictures for or with fans.  A true gospel music celebrity.


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Everybody say awwwww....


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David Hester and Trent Adams visiting.


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Each year GOGR presents a Friendship Award to a dedicated supporter, and America's Favorite Bus Driver, Rayburn Lane, was this year's recipient.


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The Living Legend Award went to a very surprised, and very deserving Ken Turner, who has ridden many miles with the Blackwood Brothers, Dixie Echoes, and Palmetto State Quartet.


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Rick Fair and Caleb Matheny checking out one of the many records for sale in the lobby.


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Just a portion of this year's crowd, gathered in the
atrium for the Saturday Afternoon Jam Session.



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