2011 GOGR Photos

Photos provided courtesy of Sarah Matheny.

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GOGR began with Charlie's Party on Wednesday night.  Here, Florida Boys bass singer puts Paul Hyde to work on his ventriloquism act.  And who plays the dummy?  Les Beasley...why not?

L-R: Eddie Broome, Charlie Waller,
Chip Cooper, Les Beasley, Paul Hyde


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Thursday night's dinner concert crowd was best in several years!


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Charlie presented this year's Living Legend Awards to Jerry & Little Jan Goff.  Jerry was unable to attend due to surgery, but Little Jan made a brief appearance before traveling back to the hospital.


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The Dixie Melody Boys had a busy weekend at GOGR. Along with their great performances, Ed O'Neal was honored with This Is Your Life on Saturday morning.

L-R: Matt Felts, Donald Morris,
Steven Cooper, Ed O'Neal


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Old friends Little David Young and Dean Porter (Melody Boys) catching up on old times.
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A recent stroke did not prevent Hall of Famer Eddie Wallace from greeting his many fans and friends at this year's reunion.


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Jonathan Sawrie was the ultimate utility man, serving as emcee for the Jam Sessions, helping emcee all concerts, performing on the Piano Roll of Honor, and singing with any group that needed him.


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The Melody Boys Quartet thrilled the audience with strong performances every night.

L-R:  Mike Franklin, Chris Walton,
Dean Porter, Gerald Williams


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Several former Melody Boys were present at the reunion this year.  Here is one of the former lineups of the quartet at the Jam Session singing "You Sho Do Need Him Now".

L-R: Tim Williams, Alan Kendall,
Caleb Matheny, Gerald Williams


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What more can we say...we must be at Let's Make A Deal.

L-R:  David Hester, Sue Dodge,

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David Fair and John Rulapaugh were to free-handedly take circus peanuts out of these bowls of whipped cream.  David learned quickly that the new guy just cannot cheat against the popular tenor!

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Jack Clark hosting the Piano Roll of Honor.

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Freedom blowing the audience away with their powerful trio harmonies.

L-R:  Josh Garner, John Rulapaugh, Alan Kendall


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Little David Young showcasing his great piano talents and showmanship.

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Willie Wynn, Sue Dodge, Ellen Marsh, Alan Kendall, The Proclaimers, Jonathan Sawrie, James Rainey, and Scoot Shelnut all jammin' away on "Jesus Is Coming Soon".


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Buddies Earl Brewer and Derrell Stewart are always reunion favorites.

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Eddie Wallace, Mike Young (Southern Sound), and Jack Clark visit.

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It has been a joy watching Jayden and Josselyn Rulapaugh grow up at the reunion through the years.


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Miles Cooper, Ed Hill, and Chip Cooper looking back on the glory days.

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One of the highlights of the Grand Ole Gospel Reunion was the newly-formed Master's Music Men, joined here by David Hester on bass.  Little did we know that Charlie Burke would pass away four weeks later.

L-R: Kirk Henry, Phil Barker, Charlie Burke, David Hester,
James Rainey, Scoot Shelnut


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Well.....Willie needed a comfortable chair.....and he got one.


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Just a small portion of the Friday-Saturday crowd at one of the best-attended reunions in several years!


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Everybody at the reunion loves The Trav'lers.

L-R: Wayne Shuford, Carl Whitman, Tom Brown, Joel Duncan

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Ken Turner doing what he does best...entertaining his fans.
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The Dixie Echoes rocking the crowd with their classic quartet favorites.

L-R: Mike Helwig, Randy Shelnut,
Scoot Shelnut, Mike Jennings,
Stewart Varnado not pictured


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Stewart's singing abilities were every bit as good as they were at last year's reunion.


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Charlie and the Florida Boys decked out in their finest quartet attire, doing some of their best singing yet.

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Remember the part that said Jonathan Sawrie is the ultimate utility man?  Here he debuts his bass singing abilities for Freedom.


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Everybody loves The Diplomats!

L-R: Jimmy Pearson, Rita Pearson,
Corey Pearson, Joe Brown.
Jeremy Chupp and Michael Lott not pictured


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Derrell Stewart, Willie Wynn, and Les Beasley catch up on old times and greet their many friends.


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Archie Watkins and Smoky Mountain Reunion rare back for another big quartet ending.

L-R: Eddie Dietz, Marlin Shubert,
Archie Watkins, Troy Burns

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The Blackwood Brothers go hardly anywhere these days without leaving an audience on their feet wanting more.

L-R: Wayne Little, Jimmy Blackwood, Billy Blackwood, Randy Byrd, Mike Hammontree at the piano


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The Original Dove Brothers together again!

L-R: John Rulapaugh, McCray Dove, Eric Dove, Burman Porter, Richard Simmons not pictured


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They're clearly singing "Get Away Jordan" here.

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Phil Barker, Alan Kendall, Chip Cooper, David Hester, and band members James Rainey, Bub White, Randy Shelnut, and Scoot Shelnut keeping the Jam Session audience alive.

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87-year-old Bill Shaw and his clear tenor voice, amazing the audience as always!


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Ken Turner, John Rulapaugh, Randy Shelnut, and Scoot Shelnut belt out "How Big Is God".


img_8184.jpg (696089 bytes)
Tim Williams, John Rulapaugh, Matt Felts, Rick Fair, Josh Garner, Brad Smith, Paul Hyde, and Jonathan Sawrie pay tribute to their Blackwood roots on "Learning to Lean".


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Fans were elated by the return of the Grand Ole Gospel Choir, led by Eugene McCammon and featuring a mixed assortment of singers, music teachers, musicians, and fans.


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This is the Rayburn Lane we all know and love.


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Eddie Wallace warmed everyone's hearts on Saturday night, as he sang and played for the first time in several months.


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Charlie honored the Chuck Wagon Gang with a special award from the GOGR, in recognition of their 75 years in music.

L-R: Stan Hill, Penny Greene, Charlie, Julie Hudson, Joe Rotton, and Jeremy Stephens

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These two distinguished gentlemen got lost in the atrium Saturday night.  Rita Pearson says that they must have came in on the Dixie Echoes' bus.


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The Dove Brothers joined by Willie Wynn on the Oak Ridge Boys classic, "King Jesus".

L-R: McCray Dove, Jonathan Price, Willie Wynn, Eric Dove, David Hester

img_8292.jpg (431929 bytes)

Bub White: "I'm a pickin'!
Adam Harman: "...and I'm a grinnin'!"


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Southern Sound showing off their smooth harmonies.

L-R: Mike Young, Ben Harris,
David Fair, Rick Fair,
Barry Patrick at the piano


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Les, Tommy, and Derrell decided that the current Florida Boys needed some help on "My Heavenly Father Watches Over Me", and the audience was thrilled they did.


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Jeremy Chupp, Corey Pearson, Scoot Shelnut, and Michael Lott thrilling the audience with some bluegrass.

img_8418.jpg (547673 bytes)

Father and Son
Gerald and Steve Williams


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Tim Williams, Chris Walton, Mike Jennings, and Caleb Matheny at the Jam Session performing "Glory Road".

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The reunion ended with as many singers that could get on the stage as possible singing old favorites.


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Corey Pearson says,
"I hope to see YOU at the 2012 Grand Ole Gospel Reunion!"



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