2012 GOGR Photos

Photos provided courtesy of Sarah Matheny.

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The Florida Boys entertain the crowd with some of their secular favorites at Charlie's Party.

L-R: Charlie Waller, Eddie Broome, Chip Cooper, Joe "Todd" Armstrong


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John Rulapaugh shares a testimony with Caleb Matheny and Alan Kendall.

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The Dynamic Duo:
Miles Cooper Sr. & Jr.

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Earl Brewer is always a favorite at the Grand Ole Gospel Reunion.

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Freedom Trio brought their heartfelt music to GOGR on Thursday night.

L-R: John Rulapaugh, Josh Garner, Tyler Vestal


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Gerald and Martha Williams enjoying the show...

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...as are Ed and Ellen Marsh.

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Jerry & Little Jan Goff each giving their first GOGR performances in more than 20 years.


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The Dove Brothers and Dove Brothers Band sizzled the program with their energetic music on Thursday night.

L-R: Keith Casstevens, McCray Dove, Eric Dove, Devin Dove on Drums, Burman Porter on "Operator", Bub White on guitar, Joe Lane at the piano


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Scoot and Penny Shelnut enjoying the Thursday night dinner and concert.

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Ed O'Neal and the Dixie Melody Boys showcased their fantastic new lead singer, Mike Rogers.

L-R: Matt Felts, Mike Rogers, Steven Cooper, Ed O'Neal

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After 76 years the Chuck Wagon Gang are better than ever!

L-R: Stan Hill, Shaye Smith, Julie Hudson, Jeremy Stephens, with Buster Kendrick on backup guitar

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Two beautiful young ladies who have grown up at GOGR, Jaydon Rulapaugh.....


img_1598.jpg (252714 bytes)

....and Josselyn Rulapaugh. Daughters of John and Jennifer Rulapaugh.

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Charlie begins a classic entry to the stage....

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...followed by Burman Porter...

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...then Buddy Burton...

img_1664.jpg (209484 bytes)

...John Rulapaugh...

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...and finally Jonathan Sawrie, and the Grand Ole Gospel Reunion Quartet once again takes the stage!


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Charlie, Buddy, and Burman watch as John Rulapaugh sends chill bumps on "O What A Savior".


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Let's Make A Deal -
The object of this game was for each player to protect the balloons wrapped around their ankles, while trying to pop the other players'....


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Considering Mike Franklin's aggressiveness, it looks as if Buddy Burton and Matt Felts are just trying to protect their feet!


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A popular game of GOGR past was repeated this year, "Dress the Quartet Man".  This year's victims were Stephen Cooper, Mike Rogers, and Willie Wynn, as they were decorated by Earl Brewer, Jason Tapley, and Buddy Burton.


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And Willie Wynn was the um....winner?


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Mr. Melody Boy Gerald Williams, with one of his former star members, Caleb Matheny.


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Three superb musicians and many years of experience...Derrell Stewart, Randy Shelnut, and Haskell Cooley.


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Jonathan Sawrie thrilling the audience with his version of "Ain't Misbehavin' (Since Jesus Saved My Soul)"....still by Fats Waller.


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The musical finale of the Piano Roll of Honor was a constant rotation of multiple pianists playing together.  Here Ellen Kennedy-Marsh, Caleb Matheny, Jonathan Sawrie, Earl Brewer, and Jack Clark share the keys.


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Jonathan Sawrie presents to the crowd the newest inductee into the Southern Gospel Music Piano Roll of Honor....Haskell Cooley.

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Haskell was very emotional and gave a very heartfelt speech, thanking family, friends, and the Cathedrals.


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Haskell and JoLee Cooley

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After 63 years, Gerald Williams and the Melody Boys are retiring.  Gerald and Mike Franklin have shared 20 years of that incredible ride!


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The Florida Boys performing in their latest snazzy suits for Friday night's concert.


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Here's a group of old pros... Bob & Jeanne Johnson, Sue Dodge, and Gerald Williams.  What a performance!


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Charlie presented this year's Living Legend Award to piano master Little David Young.

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Derek Billingsley has worked for Waller for far too long.


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The Dixie Echoes are still one of gospel music's hardest acts to follow.

L-R: Junior Shelton, Randy Shelnut, Scoot Shelnut, Jordan James


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Dixie Echoes' new pianist Ben Hart quickly worked his way into the hearts of the GOGR fans.


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The Diplomats had far too short a stay at this year's reunion on Friday night, but they gave yet another fantastic performance!

L-R: Jimmy Pearson, Rita Pearson, Corey Pearson, Joe Brown, Michael Lott at the piano

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The Trav'lers are now permanently retired, yet the GOGR fans beckon year after year for this beloved group.

L-R: Wayne Shuford, Carl Whitman, Tom Brown, Joel Duncan

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Quartet pianist and producer extraordinaire Nick Bruno.


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The Songfellows pay tribute to the late, great JD Sumner.

L-R: Rick Strickland, Bob Jones, Ed Hill, Mike Schlee

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One of gospel music's greatest treasures, The Blackwood Brothers.

L-R: Wayne Little, Billy Blackwood, Butch Owens, Jimmy Blackwood, Mike Hammontree at the piano


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Jonathan Sawrie lends a helping hand to the Dixie Melody Boys at the Late Nite Jam Session.

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"Pray" has been a staple of the Melody Boys' performances for over 60 years.

L-R: Chris Walton, Mike Franklin, Jason Tapley, Gerald Williams


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Two Arkansas gals:
Ellen Kennedy-Marsh and Sue Dodge

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Another of those famous scrap-iron groups at the GOGR Jam Session, "Chip Cooper and the Chipmunks"

L-R: Caleb Matheny, Chip Cooper, and Alan Kendall

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The Proclaimers performing at the Jam Session.  These gentlemen are making friends all across the country with their old-timey style and endearing personalities.

L-R: Scott Bush, Tommy Watley, Anthony Morrison, Jeff Lanier, Lloyd McKemy at the piano


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Charlie was surprised when he received a proclamation from his home state of Mississippi....


img_2154.jpg (208609 bytes)

...and he was even more surprised when he received his "All-Time Living Legend" Award, complete with his first hat BRONZED!

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The fans of gospel music cannot thank Charles Waller enough for his contributions to this music. (and no, Charlie didn't tell me to type that)


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Speer Family pioneer Joyce Black West is always a joy to see at GOGR.

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Randy Shelnut, Buddy Burton, and Jonathan Sawrie showcase some smooth trio harmony at the Jam Session


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The new Rebels Quartet were quickly a favorite on Saturday night with their traditional powerhouse sound.

L-R: Mike Young, Alan Kendall, David Fair, Gerald Williams filling in on bass, Barry Patrick at the piano


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Current Florida Boys once again joined by legendary Florida Boys Tommy Atwood, Les Beasley, and Derrell Stewart.


img_2335.jpg (120174 bytes)

Derrell checks to make sure that Charlie is continuing the Florida Boys tradition properly.


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Randy and Scoot Shelnut worked overtime at this year's reunion, accompanying nearly every group of the weekend with their superb guitar playing.


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Willie Wynn is "the man with a million friends", and here he is joined by some of his dearest singing buddies... Sue Dodge, Bob & Jeanne Johnson, Les Beasley, Gerald Williams, and Ellen Kennedy-Marsh.


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A "classic" version of the Melody Boys, and a classic Melody Boys song, "Somewhere Someday".

L-R: Mike Franklin, Caleb Matheny, Gerald Williams, Jonathan Sawrie

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Randy, Penny, and Scoot Shelnut doing some beautiful singing at the Jam Session.


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The Rebels having fun with their fans in the late evening hours.

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The Dixie Echoes showcasing some of their finest harmonies ever at the Jam Session.


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