2014 GOGR Photos

Photos provided courtesy of Larry Vaughan, Gayla Fooks, Glynda Kendall, Alan Kendall, Junior Shelton, Jennifer Rulapaugh, and Dean Adkins.

3basssingers.jpg (47165 bytes)

The Three Bass Singers

L-R: Alex Utech (Dixie Echoes), Gerald Williams (Melody Boys), Ken Turner (Blackwood Brothers/Valor III)


charlie_derrell.jpg (50632 bytes)

Derrell Stewart enjoying his first time to Charlie's Party on Wednesday night.


charlie_les.jpg (53749 bytes)

Charlie and Les Beasley solving the world's problems at Charlie's Party.

bill_shaw.jpg (53238 bytes)

At 90 years old, Bill Shaw is a walking, talking, tenor singing miracle!

classic_melody_boys_thursday.jpg (58336 bytes)

The Melody Boys in their longest standing and best remembered form entertain the Thursday night audience.

L-R: Mike Franklin, Jonathan Sawrie, Doug Kramer, and Gerald Williams


dale_shipley_quartet.jpg (57896 bytes)

Phil Barker, Alan Kendall, Dale Shipley, and Burman Porter put a high ending on a song at the Jam Session.

dixie_echoes_thursday.jpg (50844 bytes)

The Dixie Echoes brought some of their finest music ever to this year's reunion. Here they are performing Thursday night.

L-R: Randy Shelnut, Junior Shelton, Scoot Shelnut, and Alex Utech

david_robbie_barry.jpg (188457 bytes)

David Owens, Robbie Maxwell, and Barry Patrick...wore out and awaiting their turn to perform at one of the late night Jam Sessions.


derrell.jpg (48263 bytes)

A smile from Derrell Stewart is always infectious.


diplomats.jpg (71372 bytes)

It was good to have The Diplomats back at this year's GOGR on Thursday night.

L-R: Jimmy Pearson, Harold Reed, Corey Pearson, and Joe Brown.  Band members: Jordan Hamby on guitar, Zach Flowers on drums, and Jeremy Elliott at the piano

freedom_quartet.jpg (64821 bytes)

Freedom Quartet singing the house down Thursday night.

L-R: John Rulapaugh, Dale Shipley, Preston Garner, and Burman Porter

jeff_stice.jpg (47476 bytes)

Jeff Stice made his first appearance in over 20 years at GOGR on Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday nights.  The crowd loved him!

everybody_jammin.jpg (70503 bytes)

It is not unusual to see Sue Dodge conducting a large group of singers at any point during the Jam Sessions.


3leadsingers.jpg (58052 bytes)

Three fantastic lead singers showcasing fantastic three-part harmony at the Thursday night Jam Session.

L-R: Buddy Burton, Randy Shelnut, Jonathan Sawrie

jonathan_shofar.jpg (54618 bytes)

Jam Session emcee Jonathan Sawrie signals the beginning of the Jam Session by blowing loudly into a showfar.


junior_record.jpg (89640 bytes)

Junuor Shelton seems familiar with this record....

les_frances_jaydon_jocelyn.jpg (38645 bytes)

Les and Frances Beasley catch up with their friends Jadyn and Jocelyn Rulapaugh.

old_timers_jam.jpg (68461 bytes)

What the GOGR is all about...the Ol' Timers.  This crew gathered on stage together for several songs at the jam session.

L-R: Larry Parker (Southmen), Charles Yates (Speer Family), Buddy Burton (Statesmen and many others), Bill Crowe (Blue Ridge Quartet), and Little David Young (Couriers)


stice_marsh.jpg (54387 bytes)

Jeff Stice was an immediate admirer of Ellen Marsh!


wayne_rosalee.jpg (156327 bytes)

Although The Trav'lers have fully retired from singing, Wayne and Rosalee Shuford still have to come see their many friends.


makeadeal1.jpg (70537 bytes)

Let's Make A Deal -
Always a scream is GOGR's version of Let's Make A Deal.  Here Randy Shelnut and Dale Shipley are teamed against Sue Dodge and Buddy Burton in a contest based on who can get the most neck ties tied around them.


buddy-sue_makeadeal.jpg (68398 bytes)

Let's Make A Deal -
Buddy and Sue make an aggressive team on stage, and they were declared the winners.


makeadeal2.jpg (78422 bytes)

Let's Make A Deal -
Okay, there is just no way to explain what Les Beasley and Jonathan Sawrie are trying to do.  You just had to be there.


makeadeal3.jpg (58931 bytes)

Let's Make A Deal -
The object of this game is for Scoot Shelnut (Dixie Echoes) and Jonathan Sawrie (Melody Boys) to shoot as many marshmallows by way of slingshot...........


makeadeal4.jpg (52476 bytes)

......into the mouths of The Rebels Quartet's Mike Young, and Scoot's bass singer/victim, Alex Utech.


makeadeal5.jpg (64725 bytes)

Let's Make A Deal -
The Florida Boys' Joe Todd Armstrong and Joshua Pope and Freedom Quartet's John Rulapaugh are all attempting to freehandedly pop as many balloons as possible without leaving their seats.  The winner of this competition was John Rulapaugh. 


dixie_echoes_friday.JPG (919356 bytes)

The Dixie Echoes enlist the help of Ellen Marsh on the accordion for their stand on Friday night.


driven.jpg (344624 bytes)

A new crowd favorite at this year's reunion was Driven.  Jason Funderburk, Chad Smith, Will Lane, and Wesley Smith thrilled the crowd with their energetic performance.


earlene_cooper_friendship_award.jpg (34072 bytes)

Earlene Cooper was presented this year's Friendship Award.  Ms. Cooper drives to GOGR every year by herself and loves every minute of it!

stice_pianoroll2.jpg (58563 bytes)

Jeff Stice was this year's inductee into the Southern Gospel Music Piano Roll of Honor.


living_legends.jpg (155454 bytes)

This year's Living Legend Award recipients were longtime Inspirations Troy Burns, Eddie Deitz, and Marlin Shubert, who joined 2009 recipient Archie Watkins in receiving this prestigious honor.

florida_boys_friday2.jpg (935637 bytes)

Our prestigious hosts, The Florida Boys, are always stylin' and profilin'.

L-R: Eddie Broome, Charlie Waller, Chip Cooper, Joe Todd Armstrong, and Joshua Pope


florida_boys_old_new_friday.jpg (766677 bytes)

Legendary Florida Boys Tommy Atwood, Les Beasley, and Derrell Stewart join today's Florida Boys to sing back the memories!


ellen_jeff_lessons1.jpg (56884 bytes)

Genius teaching genius...Ellen Marsh giving Jeff Stice piano lessons.


freedom_quartet_friday.jpg (870586 bytes)

Freedom Quartet knows that GOGR would not be complete without featuring John Rulapaugh on "Hide Thou Me".

geraldine_ricky.jpg (59630 bytes)

Waller gets the scoop on everything from Geraldine & Ricky.


homeland_harmony.jpg (62797 bytes)

Homeland Harmony veterans Jack Clark and Bill Curtis have resurrected the legendary name with Jack's sons.  This classy style has been missed in gospel music.


jason_chip.jpg (152922 bytes)

Second generation gospel singers...Jason Funderburk and Chip Cooper.


junior_charlesyates.jpg (36753 bytes)

Junior Shelton visits with 1960s Speer Family tenor Charles Yates.

jackclark_shirt.jpg (170770 bytes)

Jack Clark wearing what probably should be one of GOGR's slogans.

LD-gerald.jpg (71824 bytes)

Two classy gentlemen...Little David Young and Gerald Williams.


les_randy.jpg (42973 bytes)

A couple flatlanders...Les Beasley and Randy Shelnut.

melodyboys_friday.jpg (60234 bytes)

Mike Franklin, Doug Kramer, Gerald Williams, and Jonathan Sawrie deliver more Melody Boys classics to the Friday night crowd.


photobomb.jpg (80800 bytes)

Dale Shipley photobombs John and Jennifer Rulapaugh.

proclaimers_friday2.jpg (926443 bytes)

The Proclaimers are always a fan favorite.  This year they showcased Lloyd's fancy piano playing and the fact that they are currently gospel music's only three-man quartet!

L-R: Scott Bush, Tommy Watley, Anthony Morrison, Lloyd McKemy


rebels_friday.jpg (941875 bytes)

The Rebels (with the assistance of Scoot Shelnut on bass guitar) at the Friday night concert at GOGR doing exactly what the fans want...good, LIVE, energetic quartet music.

L-R: Mike Young, Alan Kendall, David Fair, Scoot Shelnut, Justin Terry, Barry Patrick

smoky_mtn_reunion.jpg (737283 bytes)

Archie Watkins & Smoky Mountain Reunion singing some of their many hits.

L-R: Archie Watkins, Eddie Deitz, Troy Burns, and Marlin Shubert

southern_sound_friday.jpg (779617 bytes)

Southern Sound having fun at the Friday night concert.

L-R: Will Shaw, Ben Harris, Randy Shaw, and Alan Brewster


stice_pianoroll.jpg (53201 bytes)

Jeff Stice doing what he does best...tickling the ivories.


valoriii.jpg (56751 bytes)

Ken Turner and Valor III have a way of making you feel like you're on the front porch for an intimate night of fun and singing.

sue_ellen.jpg (194967 bytes)

Sue Dodge: "Don't even!"


new_ground_friday.jpg (920186 bytes)

From Scottsboro, Alabama, comes one of gospel music's most talented and exciting groups in many years, New Ground.

L-R: David Owens, Robbie Maxwell, Dale Maxwell, and Scott BRand.

rebels_jam.jpg (147200 bytes)

Action shots are always a favorite...The Rebels put another ending on a fast quartet tune at the Friday night Jam Session.


scott_alan_buddy_jonathan.jpg (362456 bytes)

Who would love to be in on this conversation?

L-R: Scott Brand (New Ground), Alan Kendall (Rebels), Buddy Burton, Jonathan Sawrie


freedom_jam.jpg (47442 bytes)

Sometimes it's not easy to jam in such a large area as the Atrium of the Hyatt, but once Freedom Quartet began with "O What A Savior", everybody listened.



scrap_iron_jam.jpg (560381 bytes)

Another scrap iron quartet...Jonathan Sawrie at piano, John Rulapaugh, Buddy Burton, Alan Kendall, and Burman Porter singing "Bye and Bye When the Morning Comes". 



rebels_jam2.jpg (643637 bytes)

The Rebels pouring their hearts into the quartet classic, "Elvira", at the Saturday afternoon Jam Session. 

kenny_junior.jpg (157503 bytes)

Kenny Gates and Junior Shelton worked many dates together in the 1970s with The Blue Ridge Quartet and The Sheltons.


jordans_bridge2.jpg (59153 bytes)

After a well-received performance last year, GOGR fans beckoned the return of Jordan's Bridge to the stage.

L-R: Phil Barker, Kirk Henry, Rick Sheets, and Joe Lane at the piano

bill_spotlight.jpg (97211 bytes)

Bill Shaw doing what he has done for more than 60 years, performing in the spotlight and thrilling his fans.



florida_boys_saturday.jpg (69190 bytes)

The Florida Boys giving another top-notch performance on Saturday night.


old_florida_boys_saturday.jpg (45213 bytes)

Tommy, Les, Chip, and Joe performing the classic, "I Saw the Face of Jesus".

derrell_joshua.jpg (540111 bytes)

Once again, who would love to be in on this conversation?

gospel_messengers2.jpg (61190 bytes)

GOGR has always welcomed fresh, young talent (for example Devin McGlamery, The Booth Brothers, The Dove Brothers), and this year, the fans were treated to a fantastic performance by The Gospel Messengers.

L-R: Daniel Southerd, Bart Southerd, and Dennis Southerd

station_wagon_gang1.jpg (58034 bytes)

The Chuck Wagon Gang was unable to be with us at GOGR this year.  Therefore, Charlie enlisted a substitute gang.  This was "The Station Wagon Gang".


station_wagon_gang2.jpg (140672 bytes)

Willie Wynn as "Rose", Buddy Burton as "Dad", Joshua Pope as "Anna", and Randy Shelnut as "Jim".

randy_willieasrose.jpg (34997 bytes)

Randy Shelnut texting his wife Paula about his exciting opportunity of singing with Willie Wynn dressed in drag.  Paula was proud.


freedom_quartet_saturday.jpg (35645 bytes)

Freedom Quartet and "I Wanna Know".

rebels_saturday.jpg (49455 bytes)

The Rebels lookin' sharp and singin' the classics around the two mics on Saturday night.


sheltons.jpg (74021 bytes)

Longtime South Carolina favorites, and the first group to ever record "Jesus Is Coming Soon", The Sheltons, perform their beautiful harmonies for the crowd.

L-R: Junior, Frankie, Sandra, Rob, and Harold Timmons at the piano


dixie_echoes_saturday.jpg (63215 bytes)

The Dixie Echoes and Ellen Marsh closed out Saturday night's concert in their usual fine style.

messengers_alex.jpg (58618 bytes)

The final group to sing at the final Jam Session of the weekend was The Gospel Messengers, joined by Alex Utech, closing one of the best Grand Ole Gospel Reunions in many years.


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