GOGR - A Trip Down Memory Lane

No doubt, the Grand Ole Gospel Reunion is the only event of its kind in the world.  It has been where the legends of gospel music have returned home to the adoration of their many fans and friends.  Without the Grand Ole Gospel Reunion, many of these heroes would have been forgotten.  Enjoy the next several pictures as we take a trip through 25 years of the Grand Ole Gospel Reunion.


Photos provided courtesy of Charles Waller, Dale Pierce, Linda Jean Lawson Thompson, 
John Crenshaw, Dean Adkins, Gayla Fooks, and Alan Kendall.

abner_family_2003.jpg (144380 bytes)

The Buford Abner Family
GOGR 2003

L-R: Pam, Dot, and Buford

Afternoon.jpeg (156236 bytes)

The Hyatt Atrium full of the greatest music in the world and its fans.

arthur_smith_2005.jpg (73476 bytes)

Arthur and Clay Smith
GOGR 2005

backstage.jpg (156080 bytes)

Jimi Hall, John Matthews, and Clark Thompson visiting backstage at the old auditorium.


blue_ridge_1994.jpg (116672 bytes)

The Blue Ridge Quartet
GOGR 1994

L-R: Bill Crowe, Ed Sprouse, Fred Daniel, George Younce, Kenny Gates at the piano

booth_brothers_1993.jpg (141646 bytes)

The Booth Brothers and "Something Good Is About to Happen"
GOGR 1993

L-R: Ronnie, Ron Sr., and Michael


breakfast.jpg (397762 bytes)

Breakfast with the Stars
GOGR 2006

charlie_evamae.JPG (353915 bytes)

A scene familar to everyone,
Charlie and Eva Mae
GOGR 2004

david_reece.jpg (107347 bytes)

The one and only David Reece.


derrell_2003.jpg (62555 bytes)

Derrell Stewart and his bass singing.
GOGR 2003


dove_brothers_2002.jpeg (74058 bytes)

The Original Dove Brothers and the old microphones
GOGR 2002


five_blind_boys.JPG (359912 bytes)

Who can forget Charlie Waller's Five Blind Boys?

L-R: Mike Franklin, Stewart Varnado, Buddy Burton, Gene McDonald, Jonathan Sawrie at the piano


flaboys-w-willie wynn.jpg (35037 bytes)

The Florida Boys and Willie Wynn putting the finishing touches on "Jesus Is Coming Soon"
GOGR 1996


free_spirit_2004.JPG (378395 bytes)

Charlie and Free Spirit
GOGR 2004

L-R: Charlie, Andrew, Alex, and Verlon

friends.jpg (231236 bytes)

Old friends gathering in the Hyatt Lobby.

gaither_1989.jpg (220467 bytes)

Someone pictured in the center here was pretty happy he attended GOGR in 1989!


gogr_1991.jpg (168125 bytes)

The stars gathered together for a choir number
GOGR 1991


gogr_qt_2001.jpg (254316 bytes)

The Grand Ole Gospel Reunion Quartet
GOGR 2001
L-R: John Rulapaugh, Jack Toney, Buddy Burton, Roy Pauley, Hovie Lister at the piano


hefner_2004.JPG (429388 bytes)

The one and only Bill Hefner
GOGR 2004


hovie_james.jpg (65792 bytes)

Two GOGR favorites, 
Hovie Lister and James Blackwood

jamming.jpg (258005 bytes)

An impromptu moment around the piano that eventually led to the Late Nite Jams.


jd_backstage.jpg (122178 bytes)

JD Sumner backstage at the auditorium.

late_nite_jam.JPG (448884 bytes)

Late Nite Jamming and the Palmetto State Quartet
GOGR 2004

legends_1992.jpg (231214 bytes)

The Legends
Rosie Rozell, Buddy Burton, Roy Pauley, Jack Toney, Ron Pauley at the piano
GOGR 1992


MakeADeal.jpeg (79948 bytes)

Burman Porter and Andrew Ishee at Let's Make A Deal
GOGR 2002


melody_boys_2003.jpg (319520 bytes)

The Melody Boys and Jonathan's hair
GOGR 2003

mosie_booths_2003.jpg (260004 bytes)

The Booth Brothers, Mosie Lister, and friends
GOGR 2003

naked.jpg (131270 bytes)

Jimmy Jones and John Crenshaw performing the classic, "I Don't Look Good Naked Anymore"
GOGR 2005


oak-ridge-boys-1997.jpg (38299 bytes)

The Oak Ridge Quartet reunites
GOGR 1997

L-R: Willie Wynn, Gary McSpadden, Big Jim Hamill, Mike Bullock, Tommy Fairchild at the piano


palmetto_bended_knee.jpg (217138 bytes)

The Palmetto State Quartet gettin' down on bended knee
GOGR 1992

L-R: Eddie Broome, Jack Bagwell, Jack Pittman, Joel Duncan, Woody Beatty at the piano

rebels_jam.jpg (186905 bytes)

The Original Rebels Quartet at the Jam Session in the Atrium

L-R: Horace Parrish, Lee Kitchens, John Matthews, Norman Allman, Little Jimmy Taylor at the piano

rex_nelon_1989.jpg (155122 bytes)

Rex Nelon at GOGR 1989

rosie_rozell.jpg (107622 bytes)

One of gospel music's greatest, Rosie Rozell


roy_horace.jpg (217597 bytes)

Roy McNeil and Horace Parrish visiting.

Serenaders.jpeg (51819 bytes)

The Serenaders Quartet and the big screen.
GOGR 2002

L-R: Larry Heustess, Johnny Thomas, Mike Milligan, David Cable, Gerald Milligan


harvesters_bill.jpg (510554 bytes)

Bill Hefner with the Harvesters Quartet
GOGR 2004

slaughter.jpg (395597 bytes)

Henry Slaughter doing what he does best.
GOGR 2004


stamps_elvis_1995.jpg (236488 bytes)

JD Sumner, the Stamps Reunion, and Elvis
GOGR 1995

stamps_office_quartet_2005.JPG (323677 bytes)

Stamps Office Quartet
GOGR 2005

L-R: Jack Pittman, Doc Dooley, Gerald Williams, Cecil Pollock

standing_in_the_shadows_2003.jpg (101308 bytes)

Standing In the Shadows presentation
GOGR 2003

statesmen_1995.jpg (110427 bytes)

Hovie Lister & the Statesmen
GOGR 1995

L-R: Gary Timbs at the organ, Wallace Nelms, Jack Toney, Hovie Lister, Mike LoPrinzi, Doug Young

travlers_2003.jpg (272659 bytes)

The Trav'lers
GOGR 2003

L-R: Wayne Shuford, Eddie Broome, Tom Brown, Joel Duncan

unoriginal_masters-v_2006.jpg (346935 bytes)

The Un-original Masters V
GOGR 2006

L-R: John Rulapaugh as Rosie, Andrew Ishee as James, Jonathan Sawrie as Hovie, Ben Harris as Jake, Harold Gilley as JD


weatherfords_1992.jpg (248965 bytes)

The Weatherfords
GOGR 1992

L-R: Kenny Payne, Lily Fern Weatherford, Roy Pauley, Steve Weatherford


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